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Whatever unexpected things are going on around us in our communities and lives, the menopause and its associated experiences carry on regardless at the same pace. In some cases, additional stress can make symptoms worse.

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    post-menopausal health
  • Advice on products and self-help lifestyle tips
  • Impartial information on HRT and complementary therapies and medicines
  • Case studies who are located in different parts of the UK and are willing to provide a name and photograph
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We can write articles on the menopause and related topics to suit your publication. We have written articles for consumer magazines, daily newspapers, charity publications and health professional journals.

Norma Goldman is happy to be interviewed by journalists.

Recent press releases:

Menopausal relief through your pharmacy (PDF 91kb)

Easing vaginal dryness (PDF 91kb)

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All press enquiries to Norma Goldman. To contact The Menopause Exchange for information or to receive a pack,
call 020 8420 7245 or e-mail info@menopause-exchange.co.uk.

Media and Press

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