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Whatever unexpected things are going on around us in our communities and lives, the menopause and its associated experiences carry on regardless at the same pace. In some cases, additional stress can make symptoms worse.

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The Menopause Exchange newsletter contains articles written by healthcare professionals (such as menopause consultants, GPs, pharmacists, menopause nurses, dietitians, complementary therapists and major medical charities). In order to join, simply fill out our quick sign-up form.

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It is produced for anyone with an interest in the menopause, midlife, and post-menopausal health. We provide impartial, practical information on various topics, including menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, self-help lifestyle tips, HRT, prescribed medicine alternatives to HRT, complementary therapies and medicines, nutrition, exercise and health concerns (e.g. hair loss and eye health at the menopause etc).

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