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Women can now expect to live one third of their lives after the menopause, so it’s not surprising that they’re hungry for advice and information. “How do I deal with my symptoms?” “Should I go on HRT?” “Which self-help lifestyle tips or complementary therapies and medicines should I try?”

If you want to make an informed choice, with the help of your doctor, you need well-researched, impartial and practical information written by experts. Look no further than The Menopause Exchange.

Joining The Menopause Exchange is about taking control of your symptoms. You will benefit from:

  • Quarterly newsletters emailed for free. The articles provide information written by experts in their field (menopause consultants, GPs, pharmacists, specialist menopause nurses, dietitians, complementary practitioners, counsellors, charities and organisations). There’s also news, ‘Ask the Experts’ questions and answers and book reviews.
  • Our ‘Ask the Experts’ panel
  • Membership will give you access to our information service. We will provide resources to help you find your local menopause clinic, learn about self-help lifestyle tips for your symptoms, see how to get the most out of your HRT, check which complementary therapies and medicines you can try and learn about the most suitable products.

By joining, you will realise that:

  • You do not have to go through the menopause alone.
  • There are self-help lifestyle tips that will help you cope with menopausal symptoms.
  • There are many different treatment options, not just HRT.

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